on topshop nail polish review – grunge

While I’m sure you’re all dazzled by my photography skills, I assure you, while there is a bit too much flash, the colour match is pretty much spot on. Anyway…this guy is part of Topshop’s Heavy Duty make-up range and goes by the name of Grunge. It’s sort of a murky grey colour with hints of khaki and gold leanings. Anyway it’s pretty gorgeous and safe to say it’s my A/W colour of choice.
I’m actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of Topshop’s nail polish. I found it applies fairly easily (and quick drying, which is always a bonus) and it only really needs one coat to provide an even finish. It’s chipped already…but I think that’s more to do with me being jeopardy friendly and not investing in a good base coat more than anything else. Overall though I’m actually quite impressed, and while the £6 price tag did make me flinch a little bit inside (I’m used to things more in the Barry M price spectrum) it’s definitely worth it, and the really cute packaging pretty much sells it.
Suffice to say I’ll be going back for Future and Lead then…..


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