on skulls and halos

It’s safe to say I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Harpa Einarsdottir (better known as Ziska Zun.) Illustrator, fashion designer, stylist, multi-media artist and farmer, Ziska’s exhibition Skulls & Halos is like something from a dream. The girls in her pieces are like tribal princesses, and there is a some what cinematic feel to her work. Let’s me honest though….it’s the element of macabre that really got me, and the colour palette pretty much sells it.
I guess it’s predicatable that I would love this stuff, it feels like a more grown up, more refined and I suppose more Western Chiho Aoshima.

This week has been a bit insane, mostly with University, Bold Souls last night (fantastic btw…..I’m already looking forward to the December one) as well as working on In the Company of Wolves. Having a 500 word piece on ITCOW in The List really made my week though, and tickets are selling fast so it’s all about everything coming together now…safe to say I’m terrified! Wish me luck.


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