on one year of the boy

Dress – BCBG £33 (in TK Maxx) Shoes – Carvella – £25 – again a TKTK number. Gold Chain- standard jewellery collection, tights…..standard 80d plus from Primark

So Saturday was the boy and I’s year anniversary. He brought me yellow roses, took me to Rogano and then we came home, cuddled up and watched some Nostalgia Critic. The picture was taken after we got in…so I’ve got a touch of a banana daiquiri haze going on.
It’s been a lovely year with the boy….teaching him how to cook…him attempting to teach me how to play guitar, swapping movies, music and all sorts. Anyway, needless to say I’m very fond of him (love him actually if we’re going to be specific)…so yeah, here’s to another year- chin chin.

Here is one of our favourite Nostalgia Chick videos for you to enjoy…..anyone else remember Thumbelina?


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