on flesh and bone – the lookbook

So those of you guys who follow me on twitter will already have seen it…but be still my beating heart, Obscure Couture have finally released their lookbook for their debut collection Flesh & Bone. Needless to say I am all kinds of excited about this, not only because the photos are beautiful (and they are) but Obscure Couture happen to be a personal favourite. Marketed as “street/stagewear for the introverted extrovert” the pieces aren’t everyday wear, but it doesn’t stop them from being a whole lot of special. I love the mix of fabrics (knit and leather and lace,well hello) and while I’m not crazy for orange, I can totally get on board with the colour palette here. It’s unusual and kitch and with gold and pink and everything else, it just really works. The jewellery is astounding…but it really is the jackets that stand out for me. The “anar-cardi” with pearl beading? Something for the Christmas wishlist ladies?
Either way you should definitely check out the lookbook because it’s fucking astounding and at the very least their website….a lesson in web design my friends. Just saying.

“We don’t follow the trend book, we follow our instincts.”- Obscure Couture Philosophy


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