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So a couple of my favourite blogging ladies cowbisuits and Baroque Boudoir have done this favourite things post, so thought I’d give it a go and give you guys a little creep in to the things I most enjoy. Here my dears, are my 10 favourite things.

1: Miles AldridgeMiles Aldridge is without a doubt my favourite photographer ever. There is something about his photography that just connects to me. Everything is just so cinematic and hyper-real, strange and beautiful and wonderful. I have yet to see a shoot my Aldridge I do not love. I swear to God I could look at his work all day. If you’re not overly familiar with his work…I strongly recommend you acquaint yourself with it, I promise you will love it.

2: Comics…..in particularlyY the Last Man. I swear to God I cried my face of at the last issue. Once upon a time I used to work in Forbidden Planet and I swear to God the staff discount pretty much changed my life. I was already hooked on Fables and Sandman (because as we all know, Neil Gaimen is glorious)….but the one graphic novel that really got me…here…was Y the Last Man. What I love about comics is that they allow so much more room to develop a character than a film, and Y the Last Man just had some of the best characters ever. It was all so very human and wonderful and very very beautiful.

3: Doctor Who
This particular love of my is pretty well documented. I’m off to the boys for Christmas this year and I’ve made it known that I will be watching the Doctor Who Christmas special…by hook or by crook. I’ve always been a bit of a geek…but Doctor Who appeals to the romantic in (not in the love sense….although Doomsday may have destroyed me a little bit)…but just monsters and aliens and galaxies being torn apart in the sky. The stories are brilliant and I love the variety the show offers. Pretty much standard viewing in the Stuart household.

4: Events Management

photo credit Grant Alexander McDonald

It’s what I’m studying and I’ve been lucky enough to put on a couple of my own successful events and quite frankly I can’t imagine ever doing anything else. The hours are insane but I honestly have fallen in love with it. I’ve met some of the most passionate and hard working people through events and it’s just…all sorts of brilliant. I love being able to work toward something tangible and see it all come together. What really interests me is the idea of transforming spaces and uses unusual venues for unique events. I want to make the kind of events I’d like to go to….all a matter of funding though eh? 😉

5: Nail polish but especially Barry M
It’s a rare thing indeed to see me without nail polish, and while recently I’ve been dabbling with Topshop’s own make…Barry M still wins out. It’s cheap and has a nicer formula than more expensive brands (I’m looking at you NailsInc.) I’ve never had a problem with a Barry M polish and some of the shades are absolutely brilliant.

6: Tom WaitsHere is a man who has never looked young and who I will never tire of. Tom Waits…pretty much my favourite musician ever and for also the origins of this blogs name. Everything this guy does is golden. Funny,talented…and just an all round legend. Bone Machine remains to be one of my favourite albums of all time.

7: Drag Queens and Drag Kings….but especially RuPaul
Utterly shameless, always fabulous and very much the fiercest bitch in town, RuPaul is my favourite. Drag Race and Drag U never fail to cheer me up.

8: DariaNa na na na na. Yeah. Very very few things I enjoy more than Daria.

9. Betsey JohnsonBefore I even fully acknowledged I liked fashion I love Betsey. She’s my first designer love and as much as my tastes change I always have room in my heart for her.

10: Kurt Vonnegut….among othersI love reading. I’ve fallen out of the habit recently but with a Christmas reading list prepared I’m ready to fall back in love (not that I ever fell out…but you understand.) My favourite author ever is Kurt Vonnegut Jr and I don’t think there is anything he’s put to paper that I haven’t adored. Very witty and just plain brilliant. The way he uses language is magnificent. Your gateway drug to Vonnegut I’d say is Welcome to The Monkeyhouse…some of the best short stories ever.

By the by my Christmas reading list for those who care: Margaret Atwood – Year of the Flood, Phillip K Dick – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and John Ajvide Lindqvist – Let Me In.

Anyway…let us know what your favourite things are yes?


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