on the cyclops apprentice

I’ve featured Gabriella Marina Gonzalez‘s work on here before….in the form of her A/W 2010 Collection “Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery.” Well, she’s back with her S/S 2011 collection “The Cyclops Apprentice“- and it’s wonderful. Once more fetish and bondage are dominant influences in Gonzalez’s designs, featuring sky-high platforms, leather masks and harnesses. Not your every day S/S line? While I’m not going to be rushing out to get myself a leather mask a la Enid in Ghost World…there are pieces in this collection that I find my heart skipping a beat for. The leather harness bag in black and gold has pretty much won me over…as well as the body harness. I swear wearing something like that would make me feel like an extra in Firefly. In a good way.
The collection is dark and surreal and just all round brilliant. Maybe not the most wearable, but sometimes I just want an element of fantasy to my fashion…si?Also…..a long delayed hello to my new followers, nearly at 100 so have a nice wee giveaway planned before the year is out.


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