on what mischief i’ve missed

Image via weheartit. Miles Aldridge btw

Jeez, it’s been ages hasn’t it? The past week has been a bit manic. So I guess to ease myself in I thought would do a wee round up of things I’ve kind of missed the past week.

  • Bulleted ListLast Friday Glasgow based Obscure Couture launched their debut collection Flesh and Bone…and their hot as hell website it now live. I missed it (Doctor Who Live…it was utterly brilliant btw)…but Style Scanner has got it covered better than I ever could.
  • The first look for Lanvin for H&M is kicking around the Internet….and it’s pure Lanvin. The full preview of the collection won’t hit the net till 2nd of November with the collection to hit stores on the 23rd. Either way…the older dame in the back…she is my pretty much my icon. via fashionologie
  • Willow Smith continues to be a far better human than I ever could be. A 9 year old who dresses better than I ever will? Pretty much. Man I found a letter from Claire of the past to Claire of the future and at 12….I thought I was going to be either a lawyer,doctor or fashion designer and was in to witchcraft, sailor moon and my watch that could go 50m under water. Case and point.
  • I’ll be picking up the flyers for In the Company of Wolves before the week is out. FINALLY. Expect me to be spamming your favourite shops with flyers and posters real soon. Here be where you get tickets.
  • ITCOW is teaming up with Bold Souls – on the 4th of November at GX Studios between 4pm and 9pm Bold Souls will be hosting a preview with some of the designers involved in this years ITCOW. A chance to buy some clothes straight from the designers as well as getting a wee restyle.
  • Here is a cat. Dressed as a banana split. Eating a banana. THIS my friends is perfect.

Other than those guys, I’ve been busy with uni work mostly, a few ITCOW things (got the model fittings next Monday) and a few other bits and pieces…like you know helping my dad pack up my teenhood home. It was weird, because I guess I was meant to feel something about the family home being sold and my parents going their separate ways, but for the most part I feel very disassociated from the whole thing. It wasn’t something I hadn’t seen coming, and I guess having been out the house for as long as I have allows me a certain distance from the whole thing. It’s still odd though.

I’m in Tatty Bon all this weekend, so I’m hoping if I make enough notes I’ll be able to finish this essay. I’m also excited because when Lynne returns from Manchester she will have loads of new stock. Just in time for Tatty Bon’s Trick or Treat.

I’ll be back with product reviews and other nonsense soon….I’m expecting I’ll be posting some sort of ridiculous pictures…what with Claudia Nova’s Black Mass birthday coming up as well as a few cheeky previews for ITCOW sneaking on to the net.


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