on urban decay lipstick review

So the other day I was waxing lyrical about T.J.Hughs and this 3.99 thing they had going on with a whole mess of Urban Decay products. Now while Urban Decay are probarly better known for their Book of Shadows and other incredible eyeshadow palettes (my fave shade is shag btw) I’d never really given their lipsticks a shot. The past few days I’ve been wearing Buzzkill non-stop and I’m wondering what took me so long to come around to them.

The lipsticks are themselves quite heavy. They come in a purple swirly tube with a little dagger to take them out the tube. So far so good. The lipstick itself has a tiny little dagger and urban decay actually…I supposed carved in to the lipstick. It’s these attentions to detail that I really enjoy, and makes the lipstick feel quite a bit posh. The lipstick itself I actually really like. It applies easy and feels very moisturising. The colour seems to hold for a while, and what I’ve found from the 3 shades that I’ve bought is that they are very wearable. They are not overly matte, but not particularly glossy either. They just look very nourishing on if a lipstick can look such a way. However it seems the perfect lipstick is still just out of reach, and if you’re particularly sensitive to smell and taste you are going to hate these guys. The lipsticks kind of smell like those sweet lipsticks made of sherbet you used to get a kid, which I actually like but I can see how this can be a big bad. The taste is kind of made of death as well. It’s very sharp and metallic, so watch out for what one.

Despite the taste and smell I actually love these lipsticks and find them insanely wearable. They look a lot brighter on the tubes than they go on. Buzzkill is so far y favourite, it’s feminine but just muted enough not to look ridiculous. For me all have the potential to work as day to night lipsticks, so at 3.99 each it was a heavy good investment for yours truly.

They usually retail at 12.50 a pop- which I’d quite happily pay for a good lipstick. I feel like I should mention their is a 3 for 2 on selected cosmetics at the mo at Boots, so if you have a hankering for trying out these yourselves and you don’t have a T.J.Hughs I’d hit that up like nothing else. The naked palette is worth a shout as well btw….most perfect collection of nude eyeshadows I’ve ever seen. EVER.


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