on origami jewellery

I’ve always had a soft spot for origami…..there is just something about it that brings me back to paper fortune tellers in the playground, choose a number, choose a colour, and all that jazz. I’m tried origami before. I couldn’t make a fortune teller to save my life, and when it came to making paper cranes for the Tatty Bon window display…..well the less said about the better, but I guess my inability to fold paper for the life of me only draws me in more. I mean designers have been referencing origami in their designs for ages, a pleat there, a fold here – can completely transform a collection.

So with origami on the brain, I find myself creeping on the internet, stumbling across french designers Claire & Arnaud’s Origami Jewellery. Inspired by origami they’ve produced some of the sweetest jewellery I ever did see.
The site is entirely in french, and my french is rusty at best…(I can tell you there is a cat under the table and the weather, that’s about it)…but that doesn’t stop me from swooning like an utter creep at the designs they have to offer. Silver,gold and gun metal? Perfect. I’m torn between what pieces I love the most. Anything gold catches my eye…especially this little lion, but the almost black metal Pegasus is pretty much perfect and really appeals to the total fantasist in me. With wolves and dinosaurs, bunnies, swans and cranes..there is pretty much something for everyone. Prices start at round 89€ and can be bought online at Linea-Chic.

I’m now off to nurse myself better with tea and begin the inevitable essaygeddon. Wish me luck.

EDIT: Forgot to say….Tatty Bon’s Trick or Treat is tomorrow. 5pm-8pm, free entry, free booze,free sweets. 10% off if you’re in fancy dress, spend over £10 and you get a goody bag. Should be a blast.


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