on my own personal amusement

So yeah…………I dressed up as Daria Morgendorffer for the Tatty Bon Trick or Treat. I suspect the Tardis key hanging out my pocket total destroys the illusion, but yeah.

Trick or Treat went well….bought a few things myself (including my goth-at-christmas cardi, an embellished belt..and a treat) as well as getting my tarot cards read. I have to say I spent quite a lot of the night chatting to customers and eating the chewy toffee caramel roses. Nomnomnom. The goody bags went down a storm though (I got a teapot necklace in mine!) and seemed like everyone had a good time (a cauldron of beer will do that to a group of people)..and even had a few folk in fancy dress.

Thanks to those who came down….off to Rocky Horror in Irvine tonight so need to source a costume for that guy. Allons-y.


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