on lazy sundays

Some how my weekend feels like it was really busy, but looking back on it…it was just one big old mess of procrastination. I suppose this is what I’ve needed after a phase of never sleeping to get things done, I was burning myself out…so was nice to catch a breather, which reads pretty much as watching Doctor Who on a Saturday night (if only to creep on David Tennant a little bit) and eating Tunnocks Tea Cakes. Well…..while other Paul ate Tunnocks tea cakes…something about them gives me the heave. I’m firmly placed in the corner of the Carmel wafer champions.

This pretty much means the rest of this week will be busy. I’ve got a couple of meetings this week, a few things to sort out with Ticket Scotland, a few emails I need to send out and a world of reading to do. That and I’m in Tatty Bon on Friday so if you want to come buy some treats (and bring me diet coke)….feel free. Chances are you’ll find me either trying on half the stock or doing some uni work so if you want to save me from myself, there will be no objections.

ANYWAY….I realise I don’t really post outfit posts..ever, due to a kind of rubbish camera and lack of willing victim to take my photo…but I think I’ve got it down. There is a ladder involved. A balancing act….and a white wall.

Jacket,Shirt and Shorts – Tatty Bon, Army Boots -24.99 from Garage, Studded Slouch Bag -4 squid in the Primark Sale, Cat Broach-charity shop

As you can see I still managed to cut out the top of my head and my boots but…it’s a learning curve. I’d been living in sweaters and jersey dresses for far too long so felt it was time to start dressing like me again. As much as I love the librarian/aunty look, it’s one best reserved when I need to have about 11 pens in my hair and the outside world doesn’t need to see me. So feeling like myself I sauntered in to town – picking up batteries, lucozade (for the night of reading ahead…groan) and other tit bits. All fairly unremarkable until I got to T.J.Hughs. Why? Well because they had a whole mess of Urban Decay stuff…like seriously, a table of it…priced at 3.99 a pop. BOOM.

Urban Decay Lipstick in Gravity,Jilted and Buzzkill. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion and Elizabeth Arden Gel Eyeliner with brush

Safe to say I was a little over stimulated. I had like 17 lipstick swatches on the back on my hand (I’m still gutted I couldn’t find indecent or jailbait) but I’m quite pleased with that I got. Buzzkill looks like it will be the easiest to wear out the lipsticks, Gravity is a touch more purple and Jilted bright pink. The eyeshadow transforming potion which turns eyeshadow into eyeliner is something I’ve wanted to try for ages…and a 3.99 I couldn’t resist. Also dead pleased at the Elizabeth Arden Gel Eyeliner….it looks a lot like the Smashbox one and I kind of love that it comes with a brush. 4.99 btw. Bargain of my life. Also got a cleaner for my brushes…but that’s not quite as exciting….well to anyone but me. I’ll review as I go along, but I feel like I’ve had a productive day, just hoping this will be a start to a productive week.

PS: I’ve never used Urban Decay lipstick before…I know they are more of an eyes company…..other than having some really exciting packaging, anyone got any experiences of them? Good? Bad? A whole lot of hell? The more you know…


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