on wishlist wednesday

Happening. So it’s Wishlist Wednesday again……and the Internet continues to make shit that I don’t actually need but really want. This week is def more a home addition featuring lights, bedsheets and the sorts….and also some kick ass pieces of jewellery.
I have wanted a mother fucking kit-kat clock since I was 17. My sister bought me one on ebay for my 18th…and it never arrived. The ebay seller in question is still on my hit list FYI. Anyway this guy ticks all sorts of boxes…it’s a cat, it’s a clock…and it’s black. PERFECT.
Fleathers on etsy does some fucking astounding rings. The parakeet double ring is a favourite. Also,the unicorn.

The Lake and Stars A/W collection is amazing. The moon landing underwear stuff is incredible….but this is more down to fashions current romance with the universe than anything else….and you know what, I’m all over that.
My never ending search for the perfect mascara continues on…but until then Benifit’s Bad Gal mascara could tide me over. It is pricey but does make your eyelashes huge….plus there is a waterproof version which is always a plus.
Like pi? How’d you like it to 100th decimal place? Well uh yeah….it’s only available in Japan at the mo…apparently, but it’s something nice to covet.

I pretty much have a thing for bed sheets. While I tend to favour the Cath Kidston rip offs available at tesco for 11 bucks (and my zebra sheets…obviously) this owl print from over at etsy is all sorts of fantastic.
Another etsy number that is pretty much made of dreams. It’s an anatomical heart night light…as if you couldn’t tell and I pretty much adore it.


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