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It’s pretty much well documented that I am not in to my Summer clothes. I like the sun….sure thing, but my penchant for 80d and wool skirts does not favor this second Summer we are apparently having. I’m looking forward to a winter of plums,butterscotches and scarlets. I want leather gloves, and thigh high boots. I want tweed suits and cowl necked dresses. I will also take crochet dresses, chunky knits and super thick tights. I am dreaming of a chilly winter…and this being Scotland, I’m pretty sure I’ll get what I want.

I also want some of these scarves by New York based label We are Owls. 100% cashmere, this A/W 2010 collection is pretty much astounding. While looking through the collection I just kind of swooned. Owls with skulls, leopord print….skelentons. It was pretty much made of dreams. I want these guys to wear in my hair (I’m determined to learn how to knot a turban before the end of September), around my bag or hell….here is an idea, just round my neck to keep my neck from getting cold considering the fact I am one of those people who is pretty much always ill. I find a clogged nose and a throat filled with phlegm a powerful look.

And now that I’ve grossed you all the hell out…here are some sweet scarves to check out.

via refinery29


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