on the scottish event awards part uno

I’m actually still trying to get my head around this…..but yeah…last night In The Company of Wolves scooped the Scottish Event Award for best Student Event. It feels totally surreal but I’ve got the sore feet and award as evidence it actually happened. The night was pretty incredible…even though I was feeling all sorts of tired and ill…when that adrenaline kicked in…HOLY HELL.

Thing is Ally (of Supa Dupa fame and the fierce bitch in red) and I were outside catching some fresh air (see smoking clove cigarettes) and chatting to some ladies from the SECC when my phone rang. I thought…hell, that must be the comedian off and the awards started so we run upstairs….and shit, our awards been announced, Cammy and Rebecca are walking towards the stage so Ally and I hike up our skirts and make a running sprint (as if there is any other kind) towards the stage, whooping and squealing as we went. I can’t remember the image of our event being on the screen, the music that was played or even what the announcer said, I just remember getting out picture taken before heading back to the table before enjoying some celebratory shots. TEAM CALEY GO!

I can’t wait to tell you guys all about Grand Central Hotel (totally surreal, the champagne bar looks over Central Station) and give you the play by play of the evening, but I just couldn’t contain my excitement about this any longer.

FYI: I should probs let you guys know another ITCOW is in the works (and has been for the last month)…..you’re looking at about November time for some more fashion/art/music/film…so keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled.


Thanks to everyone who came to the last In The Company of Wolves, hope we can continue to bring you uh-mazing events promoting the best in Scottish independent design.


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