on oh shit i spent my student loan

So I spent my student loan.

Dress – 16 squid from Tatty Bon. It kind of has a weird Russian/folksy vibe. I’m kind of in love with it. It’s also the warmest thing in the world. The ridiculous fringe detailing at the bottom are kind of my favourite thing in the world.

Tatty Bon sheer shirt…with CHERUB detail. HIYAS. 10.80
I feel that 16.50 is an acceptable amount to spend on nail polish. Chanel Imperial is pretty much the prettiest brown polish ever. I guess I’ll do a review of this guy later…but for now…let’s just enjoy the plummy brown colour. Nomnomnom.Leopard print shirt. Tatty Bon. 8.50. It had been in the shop for ages and I’d just kind of….lovingly stroke it every time I was in. Anyway it is mine now…and I pretty much wear it with everything.WELL HELLO CREEPER HEELS.My love of creepers has pretty much been well documented here. I got a sweet discount on these guys as my loving friend works in Office and hooked me up with 35% off. Usually these guys would cost 87 squid….which I would clearly have spent anyway.

Money well spent I feel…..
(NB: Also finally got the Benifit Bad Gal Mascara and underwear….beans on toast anyone?)


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