on no7 shine free primer

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review, so feel it’s about time I review this guy. I love primer…..lip primer is a favourite of mine being a die hard lipstick fan, but I have a soft spot for a good face primer. Alas No7 Shine Free Primer is not it.
Designed to keep shiny skin under control and provide a matte base for make up No7’s primer really should be the primer of my dreams. I’m partial to a matte base and on a night out I do tend to suffer from a bit of forehead shine…further proof make-up does not like sweaty night clubs and vodka. It’s not so much that the product doesn’t do what it says on the tin, more so the quality of the product.
When you squeeze the product out it is a lovely white almost pearlescent cream…reminiscent of MAC strobe, but the similarities really stop there. I found myself having to “pat” the primer into my skin as rubbing would make it sort of flake….which is pretty much the last thing you’re wanting from a make-up base. It feels very dry going on and while it does provide a satin finish, I feel there are better products out there for a similar price.
No7 Shine Free Primer is usually around 10 pound plus of your British (I bought it with a 5squid voucher off)…and after using it I have to say I wouldn’t buy it again at the full price. If you do get a 5squid voucher off for No7 I would say that this product is worth a shot as it does do what it says, and does it well…but it’s flaky nature has definitely put me off. Available at Boots. OBVO.


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