on itcow flyer shoot preview

I have been 11 kinds of busy this week it is unreal. I feel like I haven’t really had time to stop….but Brian sent us a raw picture from the ITCOW flyer shoot today and it’s just so…..exciting I suppose to have something tangible. So far everything has been very much in the world of cyberspace. I’ve had meetings, I’ve sent emails…the venue is booked – but it’s only really after the flyer has been shot do I really feel like anything is really moving.
We were very lucky that the talented Mark Conlin let us borrow several looks from his collection for the flyer shoot…a mix of knit, leather and…latex? Either way it looked incredible…and was heavy as hell to cart around the West End but worth it. TOTALLY worth it.
I really want to thank the GU for letting us use the gorgeous Reading Room to shoot the flyer…as well as my favourite photographer Brian Shannow, the gorgeous model Sofie Burley…with Lynne Anderson on make-up. Everyone was wonderful.

NB: I spent a vast amount of time being a stress ball clutching on to a can of lucozade. Note my life is that glamorous.


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