on itcow…and the make up

I fear that I will end up boring you with stuff from the ITCOW shoot but finally got the zip files sent to me yesterday and I’ve got to choose one for the flyer. Sofie is gorgeous and Brian’s given me loads to choose from. I guess I loved this guy thought as it’s one of the best shots of the make up. Lynne totally paled Sofie down…making her as white as possible and pretty much covering her eyebrows and making them pale as hell. A little contouring of the cheeks and a very deep plumy lip (an urban decay number if I’m not mistaken)….an boom you have our make up. Being the palest of the pale myself..and a total slut for lipstick I pretty much loved all the product used for the shoot but my favourite product was this Purity Mineral Powder. I’ve had some bad experiences with powders in the past…and for now I swear by Corn Silk (and Christian Dior loose powder when I can afford it…but Purity mineral powder in Ivory would be an excellent alternative. The lip colour was actually from this weird lipstick pencil guy…which isn’t my cup of tea, so I’d probably use one of old MAC favourites….most likely Rebel, even if it is a little bit greasy. I’ll find out everything Lynne used as I’m curious about how to recreate this myself.

Anyway I’m chocked with the cold, curled up with Doctor Who and hot ribena….and a bag full of Topshop sweaters (20% student discount tonight and tomorrow in Glasgow don’t you know?) so I’m going to try get some work done while I’m bed ridden before getting back to uni and throwing myself back in to my work. Allonsy.


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