wishlist wednesday

So this week has been a bit mad busy. I’ve been researching the economic impact of Marymass festival, a few meetings concerning a few small GWBP events with the lovely Granny Fred…and another couple of projects that I’m quite excited about. I’m also back to Uni in a month so I guess I’m trying to get back into the practice of waking up before noon.

Anyway…on with WW.

So yeah……when I was this BCBG bracelet I totally swooned. I like wearing a shit ton of bracelets and for me this is pretty much perfection. Black and gold is my colour combo of choice…and for me its kind of reminiscent of the Moschino belt. It’s kind of 90’s and seems like a mix of Cher from Clueless and Elvira. 18 dollars and comes in a variety of 90’s slang. Also see “Truth” and “Dude”.Safe to say that I won’t be affording Chanel’s Paradoxical anytime soon….good thing that Models Own pretty much have the exact same colour (titled Purple Grey) for a fiver. Hiyas cheap purple polish.These compact mirrors are pretty much the business. Available in 8 designs I find myself loving the horses head…..and the cat. OBVIOUSLY.

This cape dress from the Society for Rational Dresses is the perfect dress to wear with everything. With it’s big ole sleeves and being just sheer enough, it’s the sort of guy that would be perfect for layering…and that would definitely be better in black.

Hiya Rachel Comey Badger Clog! I like this because you know….it’s a day shoe, its the loveliest brown and unlike most clogs where all I can think is how the fuck do you stay on a person’s feet this guy actually seems pretty wearable.
For 38 dollars you always have this sweet Thief and Bandit necklace. It’s very different to my usual tastes….but something about it caught my eye. I think the purple woven choker part just reminds me of friendship bracelets.


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