wishlist wednesday

So it’s time for another wishlist Wednesday…everything from mint green nails to cat clocks this week.
I’m quite partial to the magdalena bodysuit from ObeyMyDemand. Made with leather and mesh, there was no way that I wouldn’t be a little bit of love with this. I’m still not completley sold on bodysuits, but this bad boy is all sorts of gorgeous.I’ve posted about bear rings before….and I must say this alternative from Topshop for 10 squid is exciting. I’m quite pleased about all the animal rings on the high street at the mo truth me told…so I’m hoping to have a whole forrest for my fingers by the end of the year.

Ankle socks from Urban Outfitters. While I can’t really bring myself to spend 5 squid on a single pair of socks I can’t help but kind of love these a little bit. I’m not over socks with shoes yet, and would quite like these guys in my life. Pretty sure they wouldn’t stay that crisp white for long though. I’m not entirley sure why I don’t have any Models Own polish. Probarly cause I hadn’t seen it in the shops…and cause I thought it was going to be hideously expensive, but at 5 squid a bottle and over 90 colours to choose from, this is a brand I think I might have to try out. I’m hankering for Jade Stone (above) and Mixed Up (a holographic black colour which in my mind would make my nails look like a galaxy.) Anyway at Boots is any 2 Models Own Cosmetics for 8 squid…so if this includes nail polish, well….

So Uni doth approach and I’ve pretty much worn the heels out all of my favourite flats to the point I bruised my heel the other week….so have to find myself a new sensible shoe. The Office Frank shoe has me swooning and it comes in a ton of colours. Burgundy is definitley my favourite but the red,blue,green and yellow ones have my heart palpitating a touch too.

This Anna Lou of London corgi broach is pretty much amazing. At 12.50 it’s within the budget of a normal person and is all sorts of sweet. I love the British collection over at Anna Lou, and I think I will always have a soft spot for the corgi.
I saved the best for last. This cat clock is 35 of your British from Urban Outfitters. I still have never got over my Kit-Cat clock getting lost in the post, so another sort of cat clock may act as some sort of soothing balm. Who am I kidding? It’s a cat’s face as a clock…I’d have loved it regardless.


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