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This week is a Topshop special…namely as it’s the only real thing in the budget at the moment, and their Dark Nouveau collection is a little bit heart melty. It’s the sort of stuff I can imagine be wardrobe staples for everyday Uni wear….so with this whole “glam grunge” aesthetic being set to be a bit thing on the high street I thought I’d pick out some of my favourites.
Embroidered mesh dress comes top of the Wish List. Sure it would make me looked like a hooker from the 90s…but it’s a nice alternative to the more high matintenance polished mad men glam we saw on the catwalks for autumn/winter. I suppose my penchant for mesh is a little bit sick…and this wouldn’t be something I could wear, but it still makes my heart stop a little bit and is very sweet. It’s 65 squid FYI.I’m confident I have at least 3 alternatives to this in my wardrobe already…knicked from the father bear for the Winter time due to the fact I can’t really buy anything that keeps me warm. Anyway this with a pair of denim shorts, 80ds and army boots and I’d be sorted. Bag wise would have to be my beloved Primark number that I got in the sale. 4 squid with alternative straps with two different kinds of studs. I am aware I am predictable…but y’know. This guy is 42 squid and would possibly get worn to death.This is namely hear because it’s the most beautiful colour in the world. I’ve got an oversized crochet dress in this shade as iunno….it’s becoming my alternative to black. Do I call it raspberry? Wine? Burgundy? Either way it’s 22 squid and quite exciting.
The non-topshop number comes from Garage Shoes. 24.99 gets you satisfy. I love Garage for affordable shoes. They do some sweet stripper heels as well as a black wedge at under 35 quid that would give Topshop’s wedges a run for their money. They sell online…and if you’re Glasgow based they have a shop in the St Enoch centre.

I guess for a lot of people this recurrence in Grunge is down to Taylor Momsen….but fuck that, it’s been a long time coming and I kind of can’t help but love it a little bit. For me it’s like a throwback to being a teenager….a much cooler teenager. While I had the chipped nail polish and the mid-shed straight hair, I was rocking boys jeans opposed to ripped tights and army boots. The ripped tights is not something I can personally pull off but after watching The Craft and My So Called Life a shit-ton….as well as seeing Courtney Love live earlier this year (she’s pretty much a style goddess) this is a look that fits like a glove for me….and it’s a lot more comfy than my usual dress and heels.


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