on st christopher

I’ve wanted a St.Christopher since…well since I heard Frank’s Wild Years (one of my fave Tom Waits albums fact fans)…and while the Barras and small shops selling religious artifacts seem like the natural go to place for one of these guys….this sweet long pendant clocks in at 6 squid over at ASOS. I like me some religious imagery…and I have to say this is a nice alternative to rosary beads and crosses.

Saint Christopher seems to be the patron saint of some of the oddest things….travel being the most well known but ole Chrissy also lends his “saintdom” to storms, toothache and gardeners. Oh yeah and bachelors. Can’t be forgetting the bachelors.

If my fun facts haven’t convinced you that you want a St.Christopher in Truman Capote’s novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s the narrator gives Holly a St.Christopher for Christmas. Ideal.


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