on che camille at the fringe

So the Che Camille fashion show at the Forest cafe was amazing. I’d never really seen the Forest as a venue, my memories of it are mismatched sofa, veggie burritos and Curb Your Enthusiasm on the screen, so seeing the event space in the church was amazing. What they do at the Forest is amazing…..offering free events, free exhibition space…and ALL of the staff are volunteers…so yeah it’s pretty damn special.

The show itself has just such a wide range of designers (I’ll be doing a couple of posts on my favourites soon….) but the highlights for me were Gemma Carver’s collection “Nonchalant” with it’s amazonian punk aesthetic (a LOT of bright colours – turquoise, purple and corals), Jane Gowan’s “Matchstick” range of jewellery (24ct gold plated angular unisex pieces) and of course Hibernate Designs collection of tweed jackets and jogging bottoms. I kind of nearly died a little bit when I saw the pink lining, but that’s just me.

It really was the extra touches that really set this apart from other fashion shows on the fringe. The Niallist performing “Rock the Shop” was pretty magnificent….and I can’t lie, a wee cheeky Ru Paul reference from the uh-mazing Lady Munter (YOU BETTER WORK!) kind of made it for me.

I’m really excited to see what other events Che Camille are going to embark on in the coming months, and it was great to be exposed to some of the best in Scottish independent design. I have to say if you missed it…..boo for you.

Expect me to wax lyrical about some of my favourites in the coming month as well as loads of pictures from the show…but for now I’ve got to prepare my flat for some carpet fittings.

Sashay Shante.



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