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The Hillhead Bookclub was packed Wednesday night for the Amanda Wakeley fashion show, featuring some of her A/W 2010 pieces from cocktail dresses to evening wear.

The Hillhead Bookclub while not an obvious location for a fashion show, made excellent use of the space and added atmosphere with a candle lit “runway” (yeah it was some candles on the floor downstairs, but it created space and looked real pretty.) The Hillhead Bookclub is a gorgeous location and it’s nice to see them using the space for diverse projects like the Wakeley fashion show as well as Granny Would Be Proud, Bingo as well as Say it isn’t Sew sewing group….so snaps for the Bookclub.

The clothes for me were fairly inconsistent. It’s more a matter of taste than anything else, but I found myself bored at most of the evening wear, finding none of the pieces overly stand out…and when they did not for the right reasons. The cocktail dresses were sweet though and I did find myself swooning at a few looks showed earlier in the show. I loved the colour palette of raspberries, purples, reds and silvers and the fabrics looked very luxe.

So on with the photos (please ignore my shawdy camera work)

The highlights:

The low points:

I hate how predictable I am that in my highlights is one of the VERY few black outfits in the show. It was lovely though and actually seemed like something I would wear. Sames for the purple trousers with the silver top….the colour I want to call moonbeam, but feel like I sound a bit like a cunt if I do. I loved it, and it topped my love the look that followed (a purple maxi with a silvery jersey top.) The purple dress in the highlights was a gorgeous colour and the way it moved was fucking fantastic.

The silver dress was in the points for me just because it looked kind of awful. I want to say this is a taste thing…but compared to some of the other dresses that were showcased, this one just didn’t seem to match up to the quality of the rest of them. The raspberry number is here because I think the detailing looks kind of awful, and there was similar piece shown earlier in cocktail dress form and I feel it worked much better.

So as a round up: location, colour, fabric…..fantastic. Collection overall: good but not to my tastes…with some definite highs, and unfortunately a few lows. I’ll definitely look into more of the A/W collection if only for the colour palette but I’ll be definitely be sticking to cocktail dresses.


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