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So it’s a Wednesday, and I’ve spent my day mostly trying to teach myself how to do a beehive (and failing….seriously I looked like an extra in a B-Movie), a little bit of event organising…and the big shop. All of this culminated in the boy and I watching the new Shrek movie (okay at best) while the storm raged outside (also see your average July in Glasgow.)

Anyway to cheer myself up….or you know, make myself feel worse depending on how you look at it I made a wish list of beautiful things, that I can admire from afar and hope one day can be mine…maybe.

Anyway we start of with these bad boys

Swan Clothing’s garters are uh-mazing. I love the whole nerdy overtones to them. I’ve seen them before over on Kingdom of Style, but I’ve never been much of a sock wearer….but I think they are cute and would be a nice way to mix up my wardrobe. They are relatively cheap (about £23) but I still fear they are a little out my budget (as is everything at the mo) so I’ll be keeping my eyes open in the men’s department of the high street in the hope of finding a cheaper alternative.

Dear Topshop. Stop making things in mesh (£28)…because you know I will want to buy it. I know I have a Topman card…and I know it has some credit on it….but do I really need more sheer and black in my wardrobe? (Yes….obviously. Side note though…I think this particular number as sweet online as it may be may make me look like a baby prostitute in real life.)

Thing is…I’m not really in to leggings but I’m really into a galaxy print…so Black Milk win out here now. I’m also a fan of the bones and the peacock. £40 is a bit excessive for me for a pair of leggings but the prints are pretty fucking spectacular and they look all sorts of comfy.

The J.W.Anderson HATE ring set. Also comes in LOVE. Also sold out. Scrabble rings aren’t anything new but I do enjoy the font on these guys, they remind me of the lettering on American football teams jackets in the movies. SWEET. This is “men’s” jewellery btw. What the what?

Barry M in Barry ice cream please. You are sold out in my Superdrug. This is not on. I frigging love me some cheap nail polish and could do with some pastels to counteract the fact I’ve retreated black into my black-midi dress and studded jumper…also, it would look really nice for the wedding and is the only thing I can really afford on this list.


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