on what i learned from the wedding

It should be known when it comes to Weddings I am…that friend. I managed to stain my dress by crying in the church..and before the end of the night ended up with half of the table’s centrepiece in my hair. That said…my beehive and eyeliner held up amazingly (Rimmel’s exaggerate liquid eyeliner fyi) and managed to leave with most of my dignity intact.

I’ve never really known what to wear to weddings, though the common consensus this year seemed to be the maxi dresses (of which I counted at least 12) worn with loose hair. Me, living in perpetual destitute wore a £1.99 dress I found in the Salvation Army with £3 grey heels from Primark and £3 straw bag. My greek braclet was 50p from a charity shop, jacket nicked from a friend and the broach was something she’s found down the barras for one squid. I’d like to say I actually had a proper outfit shot for you…but really there was a lot of free wine and most of the pictures are of Team Twirl (our table), Bella the dog, my friends and I pulling some goth face and of course the lovely Freda and Scott.

As this was my first Wedding as an adult I learned a few things for future events

-Always pack a jacket or cardigan, I had a white Karen Millen Mac that I couldn’t really wear indoors and when we first went to the marquee I was freezing.

-Touch ups are a good idea…..apparently alcohol will melt the make-up off your face no matter how good your foundation is.

-My coloured contacts have the most incredible stamina, but I should probably bring glasses.

-Clutch bags seem like a good idea, but by the end of the night you will need a bigger bag. The party favours were for the ladies some Jo Malone bath oil (mine was lime,basil and mandarin) and for the gentlemen a lottery ticket and a sweet so I ended up borrowing my friends bag for that and the order of service……and my flowers from the table.

So anyway on that note Congratulations to the newly wed Mrs Freda Cullen-McGimpsy and her Scott.


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