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One of my favourite stalls at The Dressing Room on Saturday was Welcome Home‘s stall. Stocked with badges, and bags, jewellery and all sorts of little thingwymabobs I’ve decided that I kind of need to visit this store.

Located at 19 Keith Street (that’s just off Dumbarton Road Glasgow kids) Welcome Home is a gallery and store with on site studio space for production, artist in residence schemes, exhibitions, events and workshops. It’s loosely based idea on the rooms of a home (areas on the site have names like “The Dressing Room” and “The Drawing Room”) and having everything under one roof. They hold exhibitions in The Drawing Room and workshops in the Studio. This may be the sweetest idea I’ve ever heard of in my life.

The stock comes from all over the shop – from Scottish based designers, to London, a few from the U.S of A, a touch from Berlin and all pretty much made of uh-maze. I think the best thing about it was that the stock wasn’t anything I’d seen in other Glasgow shops and they had things to suit every budget.

For those of you who aren’t Glasgow bound…they have an online shop where you can get your hit.

Anyway here are my top pics:
Paperself Papercut Lashes available in horses (frickin horses) and peach blossom. These guys will set you back 12 of your pounds which is brilliant for lashes….especially ones with horses. You can also get ones for just the outside of your lashes for something a bit less full on but still dramatic.
I love this Pop Goes The Weasel print. It was one of my favourite rhymes as a kid. 75 squiders for this guy. Nat Thakur leather sweet shop clutch. Only available at pink at the moment, but I fail to see why you would want anything else..(although the black humbug/beetlejuice one is amazing). It’s 75 squid once more which for a leather bag like this…I’d say is a pretty valid shout.

The zigzag bead earrings are amazing and make me long for pierced ears once more. Handbeeded seed bead earrings are 10 of your british pounds.The Nancy & Betty “Blue Peter Badge.” I would have killed for a Blue Peter badge as a kid…you’d always hear about how if you had one you’d get into all these amazing attractions and they were kind of cute as well. I’m a bit old for blue peter now so this is as close as I’ll ever get to a Blue Peter badge. One pound fifty for this guy.

I can’t wait to visit Welcome Home when I return. I’ m sure I know a few people who will love this little place.


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