on tight rope walkers and clippy

I am a creep. I am a creep with a crappy camera that lives in my bag…that I’ve long since forgotten how to take the “vintage” setting off. However…I do love being a creep with a crappy camera in my bag when people with nice things come into my friend’s shop.

So this girl is just trying to buy a necklace, and I’m captivated…like to the point of perversion with her bag. Yeah I’ve seen Clippy bags before and have not lived in a cave for the past gazillion years…but it was those cards.

So after some gushing about how good the cards were and awkwardly asking if I could take a picture of her bag I found out from the girl that the cards are actually from a Dutch children’s game from the 50s that used to belong to her dad. Anyway she was lovely…the bag was lovely, and apart from me feeling a tad like a creep, I get to look back at all the cute little cards she put in her bag.

I think my favourites are the tightrope walker and the punch and judy characters.


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