on sweet nothings

In God We trust make the best jewellery ever, handcrafted in New York. My favourite is definitely the Sweet Nothings necklaces.

Anyway the sweet nothings pendant comes on an 18 inch brass chain with a brass charm that is hand engraved with some choice phrases. Over at Bona Drag they have treats such as…Sweet Tits, Finger Bang and Let’s Make Out.

The In God We Trust site has more including:

One Sick Bitch

Fuck My Face

Hot Mess

Eat a Dick

Lucky Bitch

…..and more

I love the combo of really sweet brass pendants with utter filth…that is all the more emphasised in the fact that it comes in a really cute In God We Trust jewellery box. Anyway they are a lot of fun and at $40 a pop I think that’s pretty acceptable. I think I kind of need one.


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