on ruby woo

Being the lipstick junkie that I am, I thought I should probably get this one out the way early.

MAC’s Ruby Woo.

First of all I’d like to say that Ruby Woo is one of the prettiest red colours I’ve ever used. It’s that blueish red which makes teeth look extra white. It’s part of their “vintage pigments” and is a favourite of Dita Von Teese and it’s the one colour most frequently recommended if you want the perfect “retro red” – which in all fairness it is. It has excellent stamina and it does have a nice matte finish.


This is also the most difficult lipstick to use ever. Never in my life have I ever experience a lipstick with a drier texture. The feeling of the lipstick is almost chalky, and it’s near enough impossible to put on without making a complete mess of yourself without either a lip brush or some carmex on your lips first. I find this strange as other MAC lipsticks I’ve found go on a snap…but not this little bugger. I love a red lip…but Ruby Woo makes you work for it that I just don’t have the patience to wear it every day. It’s definitely one of the lipsticks where lip liner is a must as it does smudge easily. It might fare well on a night out yet for daytime wear and dinners, its best you bring it with you as you will need to touch it up.

Overall Ruby Woo is a gorgeous colour and if you have the patience for it, it’s great. I’d recommend it more for special occasions when you have that extra time to do your lips although I’d wear it all the time if I could. For every day use I prefer MAC’s other matte red Russian Red. It’s a bit deeper but still a bright red and goes on a lot easier.


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