on princess headgear

Why am I so predictable? While doing my usual Internet trolling…I came across these total babes over at Refinery29. Now I’m not some crazy headband wearer with a princess complex….but there is def something about them that makes me swoon, “part Ginger Rogers and The Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story….”, that will be it.

I got to say I love me some princess headgear, like Ozma’s giant fucking OZ headband across her forehead in return to OZ. Swoon central. Thing is I’ve never been one of those girls who’s wanted tiaras on her birthday and most of the time I think they look stupid, but these “headpieces” (it’s either headband or tiara…and both kind of make me want to gag) are uh-mazing.

I pretty much want to own all of them. It would be like changing moods. Wanting something understated for your head for a wedding that isn’t some sort of redik hat? Headpiece. Want to do something nice with your hair…but unskilled as fuck…headpiece…and now your head is fancy.

Until I learn the fine art of the beehive I think I’m going to apply my “if in doubt….belt” rule to hair…except…”if in doubt…headpiece.”

While I wax-lyrical about these guys here is some fun facts about said headpieces:

-easy piece is made by hand and is “unique nod to 1920’s glamour”

-everything is made to order..prices starting from $100

-they are made from antique deco appliques

-oh yeah and they are made by the mega talented Sasha Samuel

If you have the $100 to drop you can contact her at sales@sashasamuel.com or deek her stuff out over on New York Vintage.

For more images…and for the source of my funfacts: Refinery29.


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