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I’m not really big on t-shirts. I wear them for running, or when I feel like death. That said thought…Out of Print clothing have some pretty sweet t-shirts that make me swoon a little. Also…you know, a good cause…for every t-shirt they sell, a book gets given to Books for Africa. Uh-maze. Here are some of the favourites. Vonnegut because it appeals to the fan girl in me…so it goes ETC.

I was 16 before I read this. It is the only book I remember my parents actively expressing a desire for me not to read till I was older. Anyway the prints really cute and Lolita was a cunt. Humbert Humbert more so.
It’s got a cat on it. With a gun. It doesn’t matter if this is one of my favourite reads……it would still be here regardless.
And of course something for the boyfriend…….

At the fathers packing for the drive tomorrow. It will be fine as long as I can bring my ipod….a girl can only stand so much Nickleback (see none). The alternative if left to father is a mixed cd titled American Anthems. I’m sure I can convince father CocoRosie is a better shout.

via The Debonaire BTW


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