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It would seem like the most natural thing in the world for me to talk about lipstick. Some girls like their mascaras, some their eyeliners but me…I’m all about the lips. I’ve got quite a few lipsticks so thought I’d go through my favourite shades in my make up bag and wax lyrical about why said lipstick is dead good.

Anyway I thought I’d start of with Topshop’s lipstick in Desert. Topshop make-up wise is very hit and miss with me. Sure the packaging is cute but they are not really doing anything new that more established brands don’t do better. However that said, their nude lipstick is pretty much my favourite nude shade ever.

Desert is quite a sandy coloured nude with a matte finish. It looks almost creamy on which isn’t a bad thing. It helps tone down my make up if got a long going on with the eyes, but it’s also become a staple in my day time make-up bag.

However the problem I’ve found with the Topshop lipsticks is that they are very drying and desert does feel very waxy on the lips, and does need frequent reapplications. The smell isn’t something I’m crazy about either.

The things a girl will do for the perfect nude. However it does come in at a reasonable £8 (cheaper if you have a student card) and is easily the nicest of the shades. It manages to be both grown up while still retaining a sense of fun.


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