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It’s been a while since I did a nail post. Maybe this is because I myself have no mad skills what so ever. Maybe it’s cause I’m feeling uninspired by all the leopard print and holographic nails on the go (and I LOVE me some shiny nails), hell…maybe it’s just cause I’ve been a lazy fucker who hasn’t been keeping up on all her nail trends but whatever the reason the second I saw these guys I knew I had to post them. I love me some eyes…from the Butler & Wilson eye ring, to those evil eye bracelets you get on holiday in Turkey (I stole my sisters)..I got a thing for them.

I’ve had grand designs to get myself some tights and draw eyes all over them…and THESE are the kind of eyes I’m talking about. It’s prob a job for a sharpie and some Primark tights, but it’s worth a shot.

(I should also say…I love the coraly pink of these nails with the orange, its a nice summer to alternative to what I’d have gone for (black, white and turqoise…obv.)

via Wah Nails


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