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So I’m freaking out about the wedding tomorrow. I thought my outfit was down…like seriously I’ve had the thing sitting on the hanger with all its extra tit bits hanging from it for weeks and then I look at the weather, and my mood and I have one of those ridiculous panics of “fuck I’m not so sure I’ll be warm/cool/dry/comfortable enough in this.” So panic aside…I decided I’d take a day away from clothes and focus instead on something that makes me calm….something that takes me to my happy place. I am of course talking about Estee Lauder Maximum cover.

I’m a sucker for a good foundation…what I’m not a fan of is touch ups. Sunshine times literally makes the make-up slide off my face. I have fairly normal skin….but I’m the kind of girl who is fairly lazy with her beauty routine. I put on my face at 9 in the morning and it expect it to be in place at 9 at night in the pub. I’ve been a MAC girl for years, studio fix being my foundation of choice…however it doesn’t have the stamina that I need from a foundation and sometimes can make me a little bit jaundiced. Likewise I tried Illamasqua’s rich liquid foundation, but found it to be a little thick for my liking. I resigned myself to having to mix my MAC with a white foundation and keeping myself touched up throughout the day. Until now.

Basically one of my friends it’s as pale as me…something between gothic white and ivory, and her skin always looked amazing. Sweaty club…this girls face remained this perfect matte. I asked her what her secret was..and she directed me to Maximum Cover in light.

Maximum cover is pretty much the best foundation I’ve ever used for coverage, a little goes a long way and it feels light on the skin…surprising because any blemishes you have…gone. This thing even covers my tattoos. I think I’m most impressed by the fact that it’s waterproof and it goes on fairly easily. Today I used it as a concealer and it’s still holding up so …you know…snaps for Estee Lauder.

The bad…and there is always a bad is that it does come in a limited colour palette. I fear that come winter time the light might be a touch too dark for me, an obstacle I’m going to have to deal with if it ever comes. It’s also fairly pricey…clocking in at £25 (I have the motherbear’s giving nature to thank for me having this.) That said a good base just makes everything else that goes on after look so much better……so I’d say its prob worth the spend.

I believe Maximum cover is meant for helping people get over plastic surgery and to cover scars, but I’d say it’s perfect for those days when you feel that your skins being just a bit crap, hell I’d say it’s good for everyday since it doesn’t feel heavy…at all. The fact it has SPF 15 also goes down well with me….can’t be getting myself a tan.


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