on love from hetty and dave

Love From Hetty and Dave is amazing. I’ve spent most of the evening browsing through the broaches and I seriously can’t pick out a favourite…favourites yes…..badgers, hearts and of course cats…but a favourite…not on your nelly kid. Love From Hetty and Dave is the brainchild of designer Zoe Larkins who is inspired by everything from Mexican arts and crafts to 1950’s kitsch. She makes beautiful leather broaches (and necklaces, rings, hairbands) that are hand stitched. For her it’s all about moving away from disposable mass manufactured jewellery and getting something unique- which I believe is something we can all get on board with. It also helps that some of the broaches are customisable…a kind of your name here type affair. Jodie Harsh favours the brand for hearts in her hair…so you know it’s going to be all sorts of good.

I need one of these guys for my jacket…the lipstick broach is £12.50….most acceptable and roughly works out at about a week of smoking. Looks like giving up on cigarettes is having some unexpected upsides……

You should probs follow Love From Hetty and Dave.…or at least drop by for a squatch at the stock.


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