on kitten photo shoots

Let’s pretend I’m not just dead into cats for a second and appreciate just how uh-maze this photo shoot is. Siri Tollerod looks incredible cast as the crazy cat lady with white hair with flashes of colour throughout. White hair with pinks and greens can only be a good thing. I’m swooning at the bright colours (anyone else feeling a bit of Dior couture here?) which is a far cry from my wardrobe palette at the moment (see black,gold,camel and khaki.) The cat’s really are just a fringe benefit. They take a wonderful editorial into the world of crazy amazing….proving the internet’s theory that everything is better with cats.

The editorial is from Vogue Italia (where else?) and has been kicking around since 2008. Obviously I had to share though…cause you know….cats and clothes. The photos are shot by Miles Aldridge and you can see these guys…and more over at Fashion Gone Rogue.


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