on japanese nail art

I never really get over really good nails. I think they really finish off an outfit. Fuck your hum drum handbag, screw your “statement” necklace…show me some fucking nail art.

Love it or hate it though nail art opens new avenues for individuals to express themselves..and fuck, who doesn’t like having good nails?

Now while I love my straight to the nail nail art….sometimes I love something a little more garish, something along the lines of Japan’s stereoscopic nail art. I love how like trends it can be seasonal. I love how nails can be custom made for the individual. I love the big fuck off sparkles.

Anyone familiar with Japanese street fashion know this shits been going on since the mid-90’s which means they have a mega back catalogue of really fucking good nails. I love the super long pointy ones that wouldn’t look out of place on an 80’s power bitch….that are then contrasted with sweet pastels, bows and glitter. The nails are artificial obvs, and just glued straight on to the nail. They embrace a kind of hyper-real femininity. I love how child-like they are, and although having big fuck off nails with charms attached to them can cause a few problems for the wearer…..so can a pair of 6 inch stilettos.

Kawaii nails def seem my port of call for these guys, though I’d kill to learn to make my own.

Pics from here.


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