on being a creep

It seems strange that earlier this year I was contemplating buying “Summer” clothes. I considered sandals and shorts and floaty dresses…in black, but they would be cotton so they would breathe. And it’s July and I can’t remember the last time I looked outside and though…..”bugger me, time for some factor 30.” I need shoes that will keep my feet dry…so I present to you, my day shoe of choice for the Glasgow weather…the creeper.

It should be noted my creeper of choice is the the double sole and rounded toe…though most of the guys here are single sole. Either way they will keep my feet dry while looking bitching.I love the variation of colours….the red ones also come in purple and electric blue which excites me to no end, and I can’t help but swoon at the leopard print guys.

Best thing is I’ve been the white ones kicking around for £20. RESULT.


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