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I’m not crazy for tumblr. There are some great tumblrs out there but for the most part it seems like a place for people to “like” pictures. I am partial to my “specialist” tumblrs….dedicated to my favourite things like fuckyeahcourtneylove…….and of course the sillier ones such as selleckwaterfallsandwich, but some of the personal style you find on tumblr, well it’s pretty amazing. Supanails is a tumblr all about one girls experimentation with nail art. Sick. All the designs are so different from the other, and while yeah…sometimes supanails does fall into the logo-on-nails things I hate so much, she also plays around with a lot of creative designs. As time goes by minx nails forever more seems like an avenue I may want to explore…

Anyway here are some of my favourites.

I deff feel a Yayoi Kusama influence here. Dots on nails are always a winner and are one of the ones that I feel I would be able to try at home. I also LOVE the altering of the bases.
Royal nails in reds and golds. I’m super impressed by the cameo on the thumb and the tiny diamonds. I am convinced this woman has the steady hand of a brain surgeon. Just saying.
These nails def remind me of Betsey Johnson. The bright colour palette, the leopard print. Maybe a little bit of Patricia Field in there too?
And finally the techno tribal nails. There are no words for how impressed I am by the tiny rectangles of colour.

What I love most about nail art is the ability for the individual to take influence from anything. It could be from an outfit, an album, an artist or designer. I love personal style blogs….but I want to see more nailart blogs out there please.


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