songs the lord taught us

Dear World. This is what I want from my nails. I am sick to death of drippy chanel logos all over the shop. I don’t care if it’s on your plastic necklace, or on your nails…it just looks tacky, and not in the fun tacky, but in that label dropping for the sense of label dropping tacky. I do however think drippy nails are a fucking magnificent idea though. I love these guys as they look like they’ve been dipped in paintpots…and whenever I see anything drippy…lettering or nails I’m always reminded of The Cramps..which is never a bad thing. I think these drippy multi-coloured nails are def something I should introduce into my life as they are fun and sweet, and look like something I could pull off…maybe, hopefully..possibly.

Image from weheartit.


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