on pen nib necklaces

These Pen Nib Necklaces by Erica Weiner are TO DIE FOR. I love Erica Weiner and find her jewellery consistently imaginative and sweet. Erica found the gently used pen nibs in an old barn in Maine and decided to make jewellery with them. They were cleaned up and attached to an 18 inch chain. Some of them are blunt, some have been filled down to minimise the stabby stabby quality…..but each one is unique, some with the make of the pen embossed on it…or the year of make. Some of the pen nibs date back from the 1800s, some are corroding slightly and some still have traces for ink. I’m a fan of found objects, and I love that these pen nibs come with a history. There is a certain Romanticism with found objects resurrected as jewellery, and I think it’s beautiful what Erica’s doing (5% of profits after tax goes to charity, the jewellery is all handmade AND its packaging material is 100% recyclable.) For unique, beautiful, vintage inspired jewellery…there are worse places to start than Erica Weiner.

Did I fail to mention they are only $45 a piece? HELLO!


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