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So when a Mexico City Label decide to name their Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook “Skate Witches”, you know I’m going to be all over that like a bad rash.And that’s exactly what Rafael Cuevas and Roberto Sanchez of Teamo decided to do.And it is awesome.

A mix of goth, grunge and a splash of witchery and you pretty much sum up “Skate Witches.” Continuing to bring sheer blouses that featured in their Spring/Summer collection, they’ve also brought in some sweet galaxy print (it looks like a mixture of fireworks and a supernova exploding). We get long high waisted skirts and trousers, and some sweet as hell white print tanks with witchy hands coming round.

The collection has me swooning. While I’m not crazy for the graphic tees that Teamo do so well, the prints and shirts are incredible. My only problem with it is that it’s not available now as I can picture myself kicking it in a galaxy print skirt up Kelvingrove Park with a couple of tins of cider. The fact that goth inspired fashion is something that for the most part seems reserved for “Winter” breaks my little heart. What I like most about the collection is that it’s not overtly sexy. It’s fairly casual yet wouldn’t look out of place on a night out. The sheer peek-a-boo blouse? Has to be mine.

I can see Teamo becoming a favourite of mine if they continue to put out collections like this. Taking influence from their music, art and there city each collection shows a lot of growth as a label. And with the approval of Chloe Sevigny? I’d expect them to do uhmazing.

Pictures from Teamo Lookbook available here

Teamo is sold online at Bona Drag and La Dama.


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