of course i was going to write about this

As a hardcore DC girl….it would be sacrilege for me not to write about Colette teaming up with some hot ass designers to celebrate 75 years of DC comics. One of my favourites is of course is the Sonia Rykiel Wonder Woman Dress. It’s very cute but it also seems like it would be quite easy to reproduce…and because of all the “sexy superheroes” we see every Halloween the dress still feels a bit…costumey. I have to say I’m really into Karl Lagerfeld’s Green Lantern inspired driving gloves. The Maison Michel Wonder Woman Headband is also pretty special. The tshirt prints are all pretty basic, none overly exciting- Lanvin’s Batdog‘s quite sweet….but for the most part I find printed tshirts a bit blase. So yeah the superhero line is very sweet and has some really cute pieces but the fact they have 75 years and hundreds of characters and costumes to tap into, I can’t help feel a little bit let down.


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