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I love it when I see a collection from a new designer and I can’t help thinking……fuck, they really got this right. Never has this been more evident for me than with Edinburgh designer Jett Sweeney. Sweeney, a recent graduate of ECA, was in the top ten for collection of the year at London Graduate Fashion week and is also up for the Scottish fashion awards. Uh-mazing.

This really doesn’t tell you about the collection though? Well it’s black and golds, so that’s pretty much me sold right there from the get go, but what I like about this collection, what really gets me, is that it’s wearable without

being boring. In fact, it couldn’t be further from boring. She uses simple silhouettes but edges them out with, what I’m sure is black sheepskin.

Her graduate collection’s theme was scarification, as explained over at Artmag; “I was always inspired by the use of scars in tribes. It’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’ve translated scarification into material manipulation, including sheepskin trimmings paired with luxury, high-end fabrics

such as gold jerseys, wool and velvet.” So I was right about the sheepskin then.

A collection that is predominately black and gold….using sheepskin, jersey and velvet? Well…..of course I was going to like this.

Anyway there were a few stand out pieces for me. First the structured black dress with the black trimming detail (again I’m guessing it’s sheepskin.) It looks easy to wear yet the devil in the details def edges it out. Second is the clutch bag. THE clutch bag. It’s fucking adorable, and looks to be large enough to accommodate all the necessities (phone, camera and purse…which in itself is like a mini clutch.) The only thing that could make me like the clutch more would be if it had an attachable chain to make it cross-body optional, and I’m really curious to see how the bag’s lined. I love bag lining, it’s usually the first thing I check.

And then there is my favourite. The shoulder piece. The shoulder piece. THE SHOULDER PIECE. It’s fucking incredible. I just love the detailing on it (it matches the bag!) and the fact that its black, with sheepskin and looks soooo good. I would like it in my wardrobe. I want to wear it to the dancing, I want to wear it to my lectures, I want to wear it to the fucking beach. I can already hear boyface in my head tutting away saying I’ll look like an extra from a Sci-Fi film. Know what…I’m okay with that. In fact, the more I can look like an extra from The Tribe…the fucking better. Just saying.

You can see more of the collection here over on Catwalking, photos by Christopher Moore.


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