i love lulu

My love affair with Lulu Guinness started with a city tote bag. It was 10% off in House of Frasers, black patent with red heart details at the handles. You can find it here. As one of her city totes it was very very cheap….but dear god that bag is sturdy. It’s handled text books, lidl shops, every manner of nightclub and many a family visit. It’s pretty much my favourite.

So when I’m browsing the House of Frasers website I had to deek out the Guinness. And this was here.

The over sized cross stitch bag. Well hello there. I have a long time love affair with embroidery bags so this one really caught my eye. I believe the only way it could be better is if it was embroidered swears…embroidered french swears. Too twee? Too cliche? Fuck you.

I am so fond of Lulu Guinness bags because they are versatile and very very well made. Plus the lining inside some of those bad boys is sick. Black and white striped interiors? Well hello there.


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