I got a hopscotch tear drop ready to drop

Vivetta. Vivetta may be one of my favourites.

I’ve been over Spring for a long time, and Summer isn’t really my season. Apparently wearing 80 denier tights and wool skirts in July makes you kind of a buzz kill…..so I prefer to spend my days ogling what awaits come September. And Viva Ponti, the mastermind behind Vivetta, her designs match the rhythm of my heart. They are a little bit french, a little bit electro-pop with some carnivelesque undertones in there for good measure. Carnivelesque? Yeah. That…works.

Anyway I was convinced when September came round the corner it would all be camels, khakis, browns and blacks for me, but there is something so refreshing about Ponti’s designs that convinces me that maybe I shouldn’t be so limiting with my colour palette.

The collection is heavy on the red, white and black – which is pretty much impossible to go wrong with. And then we get he flashes of the yellow and the blue, and it evolves into something a little bit more special. For the most part, other than the black and white bases…it’s the red throughout that really makes the collection pop. It’s fun, it’s edgy with a throw back to the eighties. That’s a good thing by the way.

The collection is super wearable featuring jackets that should pretty much be a staple to any sane woman’s wardrobe (this

red one with the black pocket detail is a favourite as well as this super cute black one with awesome arm detail.) The jackets are almost doll-like and any of them would make an excellent addition to my winter wardrobe.

The dresses are pretty special too. The harlequin dresses are simple and sweet, maybe not to my tastes but can imagine high street knock offs abound. I’m particularly fond of this little number,which reminds me of an 80’s party dress. I love the red and blacks together on this, it’s simple but the shaping is what makes it super effective. EXTRA WIDE HIPS. Gush. One should also note this bad boy. For me it’s a little bit Courtney Love, a little bit china doll…and its black. Of course.

The skirts and tops are pretty exciting. The top I am in love with is def that black laced number with the heart details. It’s cheeky, it’s playful and looks like there is some velvet on the go with that bad boy. YES. The skirts are all high-waisted, keeping with the limited colour palette, and it’s wonderful. I want them all and def see them as being the sort of thing that could take you from season to season.

Vivetta’s A/W 2010 managed to be feminine without coming across as too girly. For me the bow detailing evokes the idea of a tuxedo more than anything else. The limited colours have my heart melting, you should def check out the collection here.


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