fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

I have all these grand designs to go on holiday somewhere hot. Somewhere with a beach, and a pool….minimum on the 18-30ers. So I end up sitting on flightsandhotel for ageeeeeeeeeeeees, looking at tacky and glorious holidays to the Canaries….trying to find out where hotels are going to fuck me over with surcharges…and wondering if it’s cheaper just to go all inclusive as taxi’s are so god damn expensive.
Now as fascinating as my holiday plans are…in Glasgow’s surge of hot weather, I realised I can’t really dress in the heat…at all. Earlier this week I was out in a wool skirt, 80d tights and an army jacket….and when I got home…gah I wanted to die from the heat. So yeah, my problem is….I can’t dress for the heat. I’m not one of these people with a “Summer Wardrobe” (and if you’re one of these people who do I kind of hate you)…so I try and choose pieces that can take me from season to season…..that I can make warmer or cooler with added tights and layers. Now this batwing dress from Stolen Girlfriends Club is DEFS what I’m talking about. After having a gander through their lookbooks I’m seeing a lot of mesh and black…and it’s never to warm for black..ever. This “beach” dress just looks uhmaze. I can see myself wearing this to the beach with hair scrunched back like a horrid skank in the sun…before falling into a pub, but the thing that I like most about it is that I can also see myself wearing this with tights and out to the dancing. More of this for Summer please.


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