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For someone with gothic aspirations…..sometimes I find myself leaning towards something a bit more kitchy…a bit more sleazy..a bit more…mother-fucking Alabama Worley.

Alabama is fucking glorious. Her outfits through True Romance are just loads of fun. And I know she’s supposed to be a hooker and she’s supposed to be “cheap”..but god damnit, the woman makes me think pink leopard print leggings are completely justifiable.

I mean the key pieces for me are her sugar pink vanity case, the turquoise sunglasses and the leopard print jacket. Defs my faves. It’s just so fun…and so very very 90’s. Throughout the film she just looks bitching as fuck. I love her brash animal prints mixed with turquoise (I want to burn the cowboy boots though)…and her big plastic earrings that make even Pat Butcher weep with envy. I’m needing to be a bit more colourful with my Summer wardrobe and Mrs Worley is as good as any for style inspo.


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