your eyes lie

Your Eyes Lie I think are one of those brands where my reactions to the clothes range on the scale from holyfuckineedyounow to killitwithfire, with a disappointing amount of meh in between.

On the meh tends to be some of the bigger print shirts, with illustrations of pretty girls and cupcakes on them-sweet but I’ve seen them done before and feel pretty uninspired. A few of the animal print tops fall into this category as well. Not that they are not nice, but I just can’t seem to get excited about them.

On the killitwithfire side of things…well most of those wildchild tops with the slashed sleeves. They look cheap and like something out of Etam. Just…not my thing.

Holyfuckineedyounow is mostly populated with the galaxy and nebula print shirts and dresses. I just think they look amazing and would be sweet with anything from shorts, jeans, tights, leggings…I just feel it would be a nice wardrobe staple. For here also see anything with a cat printed on it.

The rings I have got to say are pretty awesome, animals on rings being something I’m quite partial to. The Black Cat Ring is prob a big expensive at 75 but is still sweet. I must say though I find myself favouring both the cow and the deer rings. 32 pounds and they just look very very sweet.

So overall YourEyesLie def has it’s strengths, and the good…is very very good, but I just really hate those Wild Child tops need to die.


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